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Fighting the Future

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Jun. 6th, 2005 @ 09:17 pm
The comments to this post are screened. Only the mod can see your application.
Please use correct, grammatical English.

Player's name or alias:
Age: (There WILL be adult content in this RPG; no minors)

Desired Character:
Journal name:

Background information on character:
Intentions/desired plots:

Journal (1st person) sample:
3rd person sample:

MOD: Characters Jun. 6th, 2005 @ 09:01 pm


Fox Mulder fox_muldr




Dana Scully

Walter Skinner

Cigarette-Smoking Man

Jeffrey Spender

Diana Fowley

Alex Krycek

Melvin Frohike

John Fitzgerald Byers

Richard Langly

Marita Covarrubias

Alvin Kersh 

OTHER CHARACTERS: If there's a canon character we haven't listed that you want to play, you're welcome to apply, but right now i'm looking to fill out the list above before we start branching out. Minor characters should stay minor characters, though character development is encouraged.

ORIGINAL CHARACTERS?: I'm not accepting any original characters (OCs). This is an X-Files RPG and I want the game to focus around the canon characters that we already know and love. If you want to play an OC, you'll need good justification and a clear characterization.

MOD: Introduction! Jun. 6th, 2005 @ 08:52 pm

The idea for this X-Files RPG is simple: imagine that Seasons Six to Nine of the show never happened. I, not to mention many others, loved this show with a passion and found myself disillusioned with it's direction over the last few seasons. This is our chance to pick up where the movie left off, and role-play how we would have liked the show to develop.

The events of the movie have just taken place. FBI Agents Fox Mulder & Dana Scully have discovered how an alien virus carried through a plague of bees is being prepared to unleash on the world, the first stage of an alien colonization of Earth sometime in the future. Plus, the X-Files have been closed down. Where do things go from here? That's up to us. The idea is that the RPG will begin with a basic storyline that will intertwine all the active characters at different stages. A number of opening posts should appear that will explain this and kickstart the plot.

There will be a list of available characters needed to start the RPG. There will be a limit of two characters a player can take and it's preferred if they be at alternate ends of the spectrum so we can properly role play without one player effectively having a conversation with himself/herself (in other words, one player shouldn't play Mulder AND Scully; or Smoking Man AND Well-Manicured Man. One could take Mulder & Smoking Man, etc...you get me)

A list of characters to choose from will be posted, along with the application process needed to join the RPG. There's potential to play any character from any season, despite those on the official list, so long as their involvement can be justified; Please always use correct, grammatical English in your posts, RP logs and modly communications; illiteracy won't be tolerated.

Your charming, friendly mod is Mulder il_diluvio  If you have any questions, talk to me, either via email or comments.



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